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About us:- crackie-seo is a leading seo (search engine optimization ) agency in on-page seo,off-page seo, social media marketing and ppc,keywords research, we are a dedicated team of SEOs with great experience of the world if seo and how to target the right keywords, as this is a leap step to having a great search experience from google and other search engines, crackie-seo runs a WhatsApp group where we teach new bloggers and anyone willing to learn about seo either for himself or to work on some other site, we are committed to teaching you all you need to know about seo and how to maximize the huge potential it offers your blog or website to get the right visibility it deserves. However crackie-seo website is also a blog meant for other related and non related contents, we make sure to cover every searchers needs and intents on our website so expect to be amazed by the different yet enriching topics that crackie-seo has to offer.