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Phone accessories in port Harcourt

Phone accessories in port Harcourt Nigeria/easypay

Looking for phone accessories in port Harcourt ..? your in the right Place check out callus miller,slot, next time supermarket, Garrison computer village and tons of others… either buying a new phone or the accessories are pretty much a big deal as you always have to be on guard to getting just exactly the right…
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ICC investigations in Nigeria

Huge tension as ICC orders to investigate and prosecute Nigeria for war crimes, slavery murder and others-ICC investigations in Nigeria

“ICC investigations in Nigeria “- icc Prosecutor Seeks Investigation Of Nigeria For War Crimes¬† The International Criminal Court’s investigator, Fatou Bensouda.  The International Criminal Court’s prosecutor said Friday she had enough proof to open a full test into progressing brutality in Nigeria by both Islamist agitators and security powers.¬† Justice Fatou Bensouda (ICC investigations in…
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Dog training command

Dog training commands-Five “5” effective ways to train your dog

Dog training- Five effective dog commands to train your dogs.this 5 tricks will do the magic for your dog training venture, get started now…… Have you been searching for the best dog training commands to show your dog? In spite of the fact that having a prepared dog isn’t equivalent to having a reasonable dog,…
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great shock as Maina slumbs in court during his case hearing

A previous Chairman of the defunt Pension Reformed Taskforce Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, on Thursday, imploded in court. Maina imploded in the dock when his direction, Anayo Adibe, was tending to the court on his no-case accommodation before Justice Okon Abang taking care of his preliminary. The court needed to ascend for five minutes to empower…
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Redundant hostnames google analytics

How to fix Redundant hostnames warnings from google analytics

redundant hostnames google analytics: the notification by google analytics appears when two more variations of your site pages returns data on google analytics A client’s website all of a sudden began notifying him of redundant hostnames on google analytics, which really was new to both of us.I went through it and searched for solutions, truth…
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Seo services aba

Seo company Ghana |seo Ghana

Seo company Ghana-having the perfect website is nothing except it receives traffic, and what way to do that than by getting the right seo to rank your site on google first page. Looking to rank a website or a blog..?, it can be difficult if you do not do seo, having the best sites designs…
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Profile creation backlinks- 99 profile backlinks sites

profile creation backlinks- profile backlinks are no doubt the best ever form of backlinks you can give your website to increase it’s authority over others. in this post I will be sharing the benefits of profile creation backlinks, how you can create them,and most importantly I will be giving you some over 101 sites where…
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Netlight systems

Netlight systems and netlight systems affiliate program

Netlight systems is a Nigerian web hosting company in Nigeria, reliable, affordable hostings, with efficient customer care services. netlight systems has been a go to hub when it comes to web hosting, WordPress hosting and all, they offer great prices, making just as simple and easy for anyone to get connected on the net. The…
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Expired domains

Expired domains-why do you need them

Expired domains, an old abandoned website domain that mostly is filled with dozens to thousands of backlinks but below is why you really need them as fast as possible , expired are becoming a thing for new seos, as everyone is realizing how useful they are. Especially after Google’s update of November 2020, followed by…
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Unn website,get a custom website and seo service

Unn website, make money through blogging, make a website that will stand out, learn how seo works so you can easily rank your website on google Unn website design and seo service packages It is the dream of every blogger to rank as high as the first page of google for their chosen keywords, but…
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UST, rank your website on google as a blogger

Hello UST bloggers, indeed it is hard ranking a website, coupled with all the school activities you already going on, this is the reason I have brought an easier solution to rank any websites of your choice in UST. Ust seo expert and port harcout Having to combine your studies, and blogging which a lot…
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Seo specialist Canada

Seo specialist Canada- rank websites in Canada

Ranking a website can be a stressful, hence the need for an Seo specialist Canada, having a website up there in the first page is everyone’s dream but very few make it up there. Good thing your here, today I will be showing you few things you Ned to know about ranking, and about how…
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get to know who NNAMDI KANU ipob leader is and what he is asking from the government of Nigeria. The name Nnamdi KANU has no doubt been on the lips of everyone both in Nigeria,Africa and the world at large, this does from every indication speaks of how famous and profound he has become over…
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How to make money online in Nigeria

How to make money online in Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya, Liberia,Africa

This question of How to make money online in Nigeria and other African countries is a question I get a lot, but I’m going to be sharing how I do it here. Now the idea of making money at the comfort of your home online is brilliant and sounds so great, to some it like…
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Seo for banks

Seo for banks | why banks needs seo.

Seo for banks : do banks really need seo, of course they do, every business or blog do need seo if they want stay active on the internet…… Seo for banks is a great choice for any bank out there, who’s looking to grow more engagement and leads, seo is by far the greatest of…
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Website designer in port Harcourt

Website designer in port Harcourt, Aba, Lagos, calabar,Enugu,owerri,abuja, calabar, IMO

Looking for a website designer in port Harcourt ? Crackieseo is an expert wordpress website designer, using elementor builder… Why code a website when you can just drag and drop blocks till you have the perfect looking, light weight, website or blog with element or, wix and many other site building plugins, crackieseo is a…
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Blogging in Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria | learn how to do it

Blogging in Nigeria has as of recent by the most sort of after legit online business out and you should know how to do it well here.. Blogging in Nigeria has for so long now been a great part time thing or full time thing depending on your schedules to Nigerian youths, who has discovered…
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Google my business Nigeria

Google my business Nigeria | what you should know about it

What other way to gain visibility online for your business in Nigeria than through google my business Nigeria, this is how you can do it…. Having this google my business account for your physical store says so much more than what oral mouths can say, having your business listed on google not only helps your…
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Seo services nigeria

Seo for lawyers | what to know about it

What is seo for lawyers and how can you do seo for lawyers or law firms, its a means of gaining visibility organically from search engines and…. Why you need seo for lawyers What you get for doing seo for lawyers. Time and time again, search engine has proven to be the go to place…
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Seo for doctors | 3 things you need to know

Seo for doctors: With the average of 70% people searching online to solve their needs, while seated at their comfort home. It is just about time that every industry field gets tap into this huge market and actually get their services out there and seen without hassle. There are billions of searches per day and…
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Seo Nigeria

Seo Nigeria| what you need to know

Search trends in Nigeria is a whole lot different from what you get from other places, and when your creating a content is best you have a clear knowledge of the topic and that you get precise with the keywords

How to rank on google

How to rank on google | 6 things you need

If there is one thing we all want as website and blog owners, then it definitely is to rank, and how to rank on google, It the sole reason why people get a blog or put up their business websites on the Internet anyways, and yes it is great being up there, as it has many benefits, ranging from traffics to converting your visitors into clients and customers.

4000+ backlink creation sites

Backlink creation sites .The idea of ranking gets defeated when you do not have enough back links to command authority for your website. Hence the need for back links cannot be overlooked.virtually every blog or website’s aim is to rank but such desires is easily defeated when you have weak back links. Comment backlink creation…
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How to rank on google

Seo expert in calabar>seo is simpler when you put in perfect strategy that will rank you in no time, get started with this methods which has been working for us..IMO,anambra, Nigeria,Enugu, Ibadan, Lagos, delta state, ebonyi state. Where ever you are located crackieseo services is available 24/7

Seo journey may seem impossible and like something that takes for ever before google remembers your website, if this is you hence you searched foe this keyword ” seo expert in calabar

Seo expert in Aba

seo expert in Aba 101

Seo expert in aba: Seo can be very stressful, infact it is difficult doing seo, and getting your website to rank for a particular keyword, when you don’t even know what it is all about and how it helps you,

Backlink creation sites

Seo expert in port Harcourt 2021

Thinking of ways to ranking your website ?, Ranking a website can be very hard and stressful, it is beyond complicated, and of course this is if you do not know what to do.

Seo africa

Auto approve blog comment back links.

It’s all about making lasting impression or relationship with a blog ,the blog admin and same with as many others s as would reading this webpage in the near r further future. Blog comments are used to elevate or bring down both the individual or a business, by either giving out bad reviews of the services which in turn scares potential customers off. It is an efficient way to sharing both ideas, goals and whatever other topic that could come in handy, like personal opinions of particular issues or topic raised.

Local seo


if you have ever needed your business to be seen online, by persons within your locality, understanding how local seo works is the smart thing to do. Let’s get started to know how local seo actually works.

backlink creation sites


SEO in all sense stands for search engine optimization, and that is is the practice and method of increasing and both the number of traffic (quantity) and also increasing of the quality of the traffics to your site, through mostly organic means in otherwords organic search engin

domain rating


Domain rating DR gives you just the ideas of the potential your website’s profile backlink while Domain authority DA gives you just the idea of how your site would rank either higher or low on SERPs pending the score of your DA