Callus miller – #1 best phone sellers in port Harcourt

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Callus miller – #1 best phone sellers in port Harcourt

Callus miller

Callus miller communications best phone sellers in Nigeria.

Callus miller communications Ltd a very indigenous company specialized in communications, it has in its capacity tons of employees in every branch you visit. Callus miller communications Ltd started operation in the year 2000  all over Nigeria, today they have several shops spread across the country. They are fully registered with  the cooperate affairs commission in tandem along with the  appropriate requisites of  constitutional provisions of Nigeria. They are known all over Nigeria as sellers of communication devices such as GSM PHONES, LAPTOPS,CAMERAS,DATA PACKAGES,ALLIED ACCESSORIES  among many other things.

Callus miller

 Company overview

Callus Miller Communications. Ltd is adequately equipped business firm with qualified staff capacity of about eighty (80) personnel spread through her five branches across the company. It is pertinent to note here that but for the posts of Cleaners, every other staff is a qualified graduate.

The management team 

their Management team is composed of seasoned professionals led by our ingenious Managing. As earlier mentioned, the majority of their staff are Graduate from across disciplines. and this gives room for quick strategic pollination of ideas.

 Callus miller reviews

Callus miller deals majorly on the best kinds of phones which comes with huge warranties of different degrees, while making this post I took a tour over their websites apart from the countless visits I have visited their shop outlets I must say that I’m fully satisfied with the amount of professionalism of it’s staff and they keep to their word. Their products are super original and highly durable.

 They also repairs devices of all kinds this is apart from selling this devices, you can Al’s get your mobiles fixed and serviced at the same spot, it is a total package for any one looking to get his mobile phone issues or other devices sorted out. 

They have a branch office at Aba road and g.r.a phase 3 for those in port Harcourt Nigeria.

I took a screenshot of their products from the website the price ranges are just great if your looking to get phones that will last .

Callus miller

Prices of phones at callus miller.

The prices of Devices offered for sell by this company varies depending on what you are after but be rest assured that whatever your budgets are, there’s a phone meant for you at callus miller. I cant say for a fact where their prices starts from but I know that With #30000, you can go home with a great phone.

 I have put down their website address so you can go over there and check out the products they have and find your next desired phone.

 When you log in to the website don’t forget to read their about session to get the assurance you need, then head over to the “shop” session and check out the products they’re offering.

this link will take you to their products pages

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