Why cooking gas price increase in owerri imo state continues

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Why cooking gas price increase in owerri imo state continues

Fuel scarcity in owerri IMO state

Why cooking gas prices continues to increase daily.
It is no longer news that since the last month or two there has been an increase in the prices of cooking gas all over Nigeria and emo state in particular so far there has been chaos already about cooking gas and the prices that keeps on going up and it never comes down.

The prices of cooking gas were between 400 to 420 that was 2 months ago but right now just about some few weeks ago the prices of cooking gas Rose from 420 to as high as 800 naira per kg
Now one would ask what is the reason for the increase and so far I have tried on my own to come up with ideas and explanations as to why this is happening.

So far we know that when an item a publicly consumed item goes up in the market all over Nigeria no one does anything not even the government speaks about it everyone pretend is ok and everyone is willing and ready to sacrifice and go the extra mile in order to make sure that they get this item and that is what has pushed the marketers of cooking gas to increase the prices so far and when they increased the price and they see that people were able and we are willing as well to buy this cooking gas at an exorbitant prices then when they try to reduce it it was it it becomes difficult for them to bring it down because they know that people are already buying it even at the high rate it was so what’s the need of also bringing it down to how it used to be so I feel like these goes down to us as the consumer,never accept the increase of any item that is being sold exorbitantly because when you do the marketers will continue to sell these goods to have it favours them

The government has a huge role to play in order to make sure that these goods and any other commodity that is needed by the masses are being properly regulated to avoid making the customers and the masses to spend unnecessarily

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