Flowers and reproductive system

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Flowers and reproductive system

flowers can be romantic beautiful and all   sweet,  so far flowers has been a go to something for everyone for the past years, sadly the awareness of flowers or the usefulness of flowers is not yet known in Nigeria as of now but  that is about to change, because crack is cos here with her on Partners in order to provide you with all the daily things that you need to know about flowers and how flowers are beneficial to you and to your health.

  flowers are Among  the dominant symbols of romance, love, appreciation,of celebration and for so many other reasons that people get flowers.

  •  Get to know flowers.

 flowers known also as blossom, this is the reproductive structure that is found in plant, 

The biological function of any flower is to encourage reproduction mainly by providing a system for the union of sperm with egg.

 DID you know.?

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 flowers can pollinate itself or outsource from other plants around.

 the first mentioned them “self pollination”. 

 is a kind of fusion of sperm and egg from the same flower.

 while the second.

 outsourcing from other plants  occurs this way, fusion or merging sperm and eggs from different individuals in a population which gives birth to cross pollination.

 having said that it is very important.

 to know that the pollination is of two types,  as I have earlier mentioned self pollination and cross pollination.

 Now let’s explain these two terms as simply as possible.

.  self-pollination happens as a result of when the Pollen from it’s anther is deposited on the stigma of the same exact flower  or another flower on the same plant.

photo of orange and pink petaled flowers on cactus plants
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.  Cross pollination is the transfer of the Pollen from Anther of one flower to the stigma of another flower on a different individual of the same species.

.  so far I have shown you the ways which flowers pollinate itself,  henceforth I will also be sharing with you the origins of flowers and plant and seed plant so that  we will get along and have a history of how plants evolved and how they were able to have seeds and how they were able to sustain over the years and how they have been able  to evolve to what we know today.

.  origin of flowers: 

 the land flowers have existed over well above “four hundred and twenty five million years.

Plants  like spores have for many years found their own way of survival by often scattering their genes or genetic clones, which kids float away by the sea,  and get carried to different regions to continue growing there, this is the known way of how early plants grow.

 However plants have evolved new methods of spreading and sustaining themselves, protecting themselves from drying out or damages that could be harmful to them.

 This has given birth to plant bearing seeds and the earliest seed plants are Ginkgo and conifers,  according   to Wikipedia.

  colour formations of flowering plants.

 This is a brief explanation of how flowers produce their colours.

 Many of the flowering plants reflect as much light as they can  within the range of visible wavelength of the pollinator the plant tends to attract.

 very often flowers which maximizes full range of visible light as seen by humans as white when being observed,

 also a very important characteristic of a white flowering plant is the fact that  they reflect equally across the visible spectrum .

  colours are very important for flowering plants as they  use this to specifically attract only the pollinator they seek to attract.

 Also it is important to note that flowering plants produce colours by modifying the Frequency or wavelength of the light reflected. Also  some flowers absorb light in the blue  to yellow region of the spectrum and reflect light from the Green to red region of the spectrum.

 For many different species of the flowering plant it is the transition  point that  features the colours that they produce and these Colours may be modulated just by shifting the transition point between absorption and reflection and in this way a flowering  plant  can specify which pollinator it seeks to attract.

also there is a limitation within some flowering plants to modulate areas of absorption.

 These to human observers will appear in the grace of saturation ( the amount of white in the colour).

 The flower window has become a symbolic symbol that people cannot do without ranging from gifting to a lover, to a friend, to a family friend, to a welding,for burials  or whatever the uses and needs of flowers are unimaginable.

 flowers mostly on the days of valentine Day, which is nick-named lovers day, is one of the most days where flowers are highly in-demand and roses are mostly sought-after on days such as valentines.

 foreign countries such as the USA and some other Western countries  Huge market for these flower roses in particular.

 as it represents a symbol for someone, they have many different reasons and so many interpretations depending on which brand or species that you are interested in.

 countries like South Africa are one of the major producers of roses all over the world.

 and women are so much in love with roses,  and so many other flowers for particular reasons,  which ranges from the smells of the of the flowers to the   deep-rooted reasons that these ladies may have been  attached to such flowers and therefore this is one of the reasons why flowers are the most sought-after in the whole world.

 and the flower fever is gradually spreading all over the world and Africa in particular West Africa has caught up with the fever and now as it is today the list of searches on Google about flowers are in the thousands and which means that Florist and anyone who is into the flowering industry are in one way or the other going to be making huge amount of money from these searches and this interest that people are now showing towards flower and the industry at large.

 so far every compound you come across in Rivers State Port Harcourt today has one flower or the other in it.

 In every corner of the road you get to see a florist  caring for his flowers and maintaining them in order.

 uses of flowers by humans.

 over the years people have sought a way of cultivating, of buying,selling or wearing flowers in one way or the other  for different purposes and in this article we are going to talk a bit about few or some of these uses which people uses flowers for and why you too need to get a flower of your own choice.

.  people use flowers for birthdays

 as a   corsage , as a token of love, a wedding present, people use it for decoration, for funeral purposes, for worship.

 so these and many others are the reasons why people have attached so much reasons to flowers all over the years

 People have dedicated some parts of their houses or their compounds to planting and growing of flowers,  truth is, flowers consume less feeding, less space than any other thing and it is very easy for anyone to grow flowers in their homes.

 symbolic meanings of flowers.

 Many flowers have symbolic meaning in the Western culture.

 the practice of assigning meanings to  flowers  is called Floriography

. The red rose  

is a symbol of love, beauty and passion.

 poppies  a symbol of consolidation in time of death  in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and in Canada.

 Red poppies. 

 These are worn to commemorate soldiers who died in times of war.

 Iries / Lily  

are used in burials or as a symbol of referring to resurrection and life.  It is  associated with stars (the sun) and it’s petals are blooming/shining.

  .daisies  are a symbol of innocence for their varied and colourful appearance.

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