Google my business Nigeria | what you should know about it

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Google my business Nigeria | what you should know about it

Google my business Nigeria

What other way to gain visibility online for your business in Nigeria than through google my business Nigeria, this is how you can do it….

Google my business Nigeria
Google my business Nigeria

Having this google my business account for your physical store says so much more than what oral mouths can say, having your business listed on google not only helps your online visibility setting your business as genuine and reliable online, it also paves way for instant connection with the potential customers. As you would required while registering the account to put in your business name, number,address,and every other helpful details which would aid the client or customers to locate and connect with you.

What is google my business Nigeria

Google my business is a powerful tool which google invented for local businesses to easily found on google search and google map. What this do is to put your business ahead of everyone else within that neighborhood in terms related to the services you provide. Your ranking higher in the search results and map is also Dependant on how much work you put in to optimizing this tool, also it depends on how much information you have put up there already and how much reviews you have most importantly. So collecting reviews from you clients and customers is key to actually out ranking every other business related to you.

How to register google my business

The very first step to start is by registering with google my business here,

Steps to register google my business Nigeria

  • Gmail account. you need you need to have accessible gmail account, if you don’t have one then go register one and its free
  • Click on start now on the google my business page, to get started.
  • Put in your business name. A page will be displayed to take in information about your business, so put in your business name
  • Put in the business category. This is very important
  • Put in the business address and locations.
  • It takes you to a page where you can then verify the ownership.

Why you should verify your google my business account.

Google my business Nigeria
Google my business Nigeria

This is very simple if you don’t verify, you can’t be allowed to manage the business, you can’t edit, add pictures,business hours and optimize your business. All this features will be forever hidden from you. Google does this to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the business you just listed whether it is actually indeed your own and it wants to know how accessible this business is to people in your neighborhood.

The issue is that google for a while now has stopped every other means of verification in Nigeria except for postcard method. This method takes about 2 weeks from Google’s end but it almost impossible to get it here in Nigeria post office, this is from my own experience.

How to verify google my business in Nigeria.

There used to be several options of verification but for sometime now they have all ceased to exist except for postcards, so you only have to deal with the nipost office about about 2 weeks that google gives before it arrives. Verifying your google my business Nigeria gets boring when you have to deal with Nigeria post office, but if you want it to be done for a little payment I can do just that for you. Just leave a comment below or send me an email from the homepage, I will get back to you and get you started

Google my business Nigeria
Google my business Nigeria

Now that your google my business account is verified it is time to update it accordingly with every relevant information, also google gives you a website which you can also use to update your product details and categories..


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