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when it comes to seo, you need to do it the right way, having the knowledge and a dedicated team by your side to direct you on some actions to go about is just the right step to take, lets get started today.

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Our Services


At crackieseo we design the best strategies to building you a great website that can stand the test of search engine crawlers. A successful website is never complete without due strategies and checklists. Seo check lists are all what you need to properly rank your website on the Internet. And we provide this for you

Keyword research

At crackieseo we teach you on better strategies to get better results with keywords research. You can never go wrong with a proper keyword research, goes great extend to explain and lay it out there all you need to know about keywords research for a better rankings on your chosen niches.

Site authority

At crackieseo we teach how to successfully increase your websites DA and DR in a short while or do it for you . With enough knowledge on link building you are on your way to having a higher authority on your site which in return results in higher ranking in the future.

wordpress website design services

having a business website is not enough to actually qualify it to be seen by the internet community, it has to be responsive and mobile friendly, as is required by google.
At crackieseo, we design a perfect and professional website that is completely seo friendly, great interface for your business, personal or a blog website. Great websites speaks volume of how much you can offer to a client or a visitor to your site. The more you need to reach out to us today for that perfect site of your choice. we are specialized in e-commerce websites which you can use to display your product , online store , with woo commerce integrated this allows you to receive payment directly from your website.

Seo optimization services

We provide the best seo technics out there to rank higher especially if your in Nigeria. A website is never complete until it begins to receive tons of visitors per month and possibly convert this visitors to customers,. Only then can you finally be a proud website or blog owner. As this has it’s many advantages, from having hundreds of visitors per day to converting this numbers to actual customers.but before that your business website has to be fully optimized to become seo friendly , this way your website shows up when anyone searches about your service All this you can get with our full seo courses and packages
we engage in on page , off page , keyword research and various other methods to get your website to ranking faster for your chosen niche or keywords..

Social media marketing services

At crackieseo we strife to make your business work at all times, hence the introduction of social media Marketing of your site. we use social media to promote your site taking to account that as much a you need to get your fans and followers to engage in your products and services and products it is also important that they dont get bored but meaningfully engaged with your services in order to gain even more lager audiences and convert them to regular visitors and possible clients .


comment backlinks services

comment backlinks are very important if you must rank your site on google. its still by far one of the must valued strategies to ranking a site. therefore crackieseo is making comment backlinks available at affordable rates to everyone, as we will be building 100+ comment backlinks which would start taking effect within two weeks of completion.

profile link servicess

profile link is also a great way of ranking your site on google. this is a method of creating an ccount with other websites, entering every reqiured information , and at the end inputting your website link which links back to you therefore giving even more traffics, you would farewell if you get links from high authority websites . and we are also offering 50+  profile backlinks to rank your site.