How to do keyword research- all you need to know to succeed

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How to do keyword research- all you need to know to succeed

How to do keyword research

Hello.. Today we’ll be looking at how to do keyword research. I have to say this, if you do not have an idea of what amount of audience you’d reach with your blog. Its best you don’t write on it at all.

keyword research cannot be overemphasized, you literally need it if you must succeed on any keyword of your choice.


Helps you to get a view of how many persons or searches a particular keyword gets monthly. There are many tools out the on how to do keyword research , but I personally like to use google keyword planner or google ads. What this software does is it let’s you input some words in a space provided. Then it runs a search on it to determine how many searches or traffic you get from that keyword.

So keyword research is a means of identifying what topics or keywords people are looking for over the internet.

It by great extent the most important, as you need to know the size of the traffic you’d get from every keyword. Or the market value, volume of such keyword even before you start to write on the topic.

with a keyword research your able to adequately calculate and understand how many searches or how many still search for that particular topic in a month both in your country and the globe.

Knowing this gives you advantage as how quick or slow your site or pages are going to rank on google first page over time.

so while you have idea of how much traffic you’d attract from a keyword. Then you might want to write on topics that has many searches with low competition.

google keyword research gives you the volume of traffic you can get per month from a keyword and also shows you how many or how easy, difficult it will be to rank that keyword. And it also offers you with other closely related keyword suggestion to broaden your chances of getting the perfect keywords.

So always choose keywords with high searches but low competition, this is because if you chose those with medium or higher difficulty ranking your site would take so much time before it ranks. This is because there are many persons targeting this keywords already and many are also already ranking it, so it would be difficult to out rank them especially if your still new to seo.

You can use this platforms if you can afford their prices. Ahref, smallseotool,neilpatel, google keyword planner. And other you might find on google. They all works great.

Short tail keywords

these type of keywords are very difficult to rank as many persons are already ranking on them. There are at least millions of people target any short keyword you find out. And this persons might already have the best articles already.

Keywords like, pizza, food, sport, and the likes which are just one word to two are usually over crowd.

Long tail keywords

Rather you want to broaden your keywords with more words so that you at least get a chance to ranking them some day soon.

Long tail keywords are keywords that’s made more broaden words to make ranking easier and faster as fewer people are targeting them unlike the short tail keywords.

Keywords like ” how to make pizza in Nigeria” is a pretty good long tail keywords and might rank faster than when you use pizza only as a keyword.

How to do keyword research properly

With google keyword planner research tool, type in your preferred keyword and check how much traffic volume comes.

in a month. Proceed to search this keyword on google to get the actually experience of how many persons have written on this keyword and possibly go through as many u can to understand how good their articles are and how you can write yours to beat theirs in future.

Also check this website or webpages authority to know if you can ever out rank them in the future.

This is how to do keyword research and succeed in it

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