How to make money online in Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya, Liberia,Africa

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How to make money online in Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya, Liberia,Africa

How to make money online in Nigeria

This question of How to make money online in Nigeria and other African countries is a question I get a lot, but I’m going to be sharing how I do it here.

Now the idea of making money at the comfort of your home online is brilliant and sounds so great, to some it like a dream come true, to others it feels off and it looks like a scam and worst case it sounds like illegal ways to making money.

To some, they are indecisive of what to make out of the idea, that someone can actually make money online, whichever category you fall under, whether you believe it is real or it is scam or still not decided yet, I would say yes, there are scam websites out there and there are great ones too which you can actually make money from, we will look at some of them in a bit.

How to make money online in Nigeria
How to make money online in Nigeria

And if you still haven’t decided what to make of the idea then, you really need to realize that the 21st century has got a lot to offer, reducing the manual labors that ruled all over before making things and people to rather work smart than working hard labors.

Speaking of hard labors, taking three jobs that you spend dozens of hours in a week to complete is a good definition of hard labors, it looks legit and feels like your responsible, to holding down a job, but this kind of job actually pays the least to this hard workers so the reason many has chosen Internet as a source sourcing an income , very many people in this era don’t fancy such hard labor jobs anymore.

What to look out for when you search for how to make money online in Nigeria,or Ghana or any other country.

Its no longer news that websites pop out everyday, promising that you would learn how to make money online in Nigeria or any other country, without actually having any tangible products they are promoting. I get so many WhatsApp messages from scammers that promises that with just #1000 investment into whatever website they’re into that it would be doubled to #5000 and there about within a day or so.

Pleases avoid people like this, they are the real scammers. Funny enough if you inquire more from them how this #1000 can be multiplied over such a small amount of time, they will simply tell you they invests the money in bitcoin and forex exchange trades, it all a lie anyway. The minute your money enters their account they disappear and never to be reached again.

You have to be extra careful on all this unverified websites and people promising to double your money, but doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online, you truly can and will if your willing to do the work that comes with it.

How to make money online in Nigeria, Africa, in a legit way.

I promised that we will look at ways to actually make money online no matter what country you are from, so let’s get started.

Lists of ways to make money online in Nigeria and Africa.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Forex trade and exchange
  • Blogging
  • Adsense
  • Admob
  • Facebook
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Seo.

Affiliate marketing has been one of the oldest ways people make money online and till today it still works and alive, it has produced millionaires and it keeps producing. This is by far the most trusted way to make money online in Nigeria and all over the world.

When companies brings out a product and looks for marketers to market and sale these products , then the company pay these marketers a commission for the sales and for the traffic and visibility they have given to the business.

this is how affiliate marketing works and if you do it well you could be making lots of sales every day and so will your pay out keeps increasing. Amazon is very good with this kind of thing and they pay very good commission for any sales you make, of course there are other great companies out there.

How to make money online in Nigeria
How to make money online in Nigeria

Forex trade. This is also a very great way of making money online, it is 100% online based and you do need to go for some training to actually be able to predict the market signals, it is very important that you get trained by experts on this or just have them do it for you.

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Blogging.. Blogging is one lucrative form of making money online, by showing ads on your site or offering services and products to people who buys and pays instantly on the website. If your looking to go into blogging I suggest you research the niche you intend to go into very well and know whether you can actually rank it in short time or not.

Also you should monetize your website with ad monetizing companies, there are a ton of them out there. AdSense being one of them, is also a create network you use to monetize a blog or website.

AdSense : is a payment gateway from google, so if you own a website or YouTube account that has good content and is doing well online, you can monetize it with AdSense and get paid monthly as soon as you reaches a $100 threshold.

Admob: also is from goigle, a payment gateway and metric system that monitors your app traffic and pays you for the traffics that comes through your mobile apps. So if you can create good apps, then publish it on google play store and get paid for as many people that downloads and use your app.

Facebook: is a great way to monetize your Facebook page and the videos that you create and upload on the page. Facebook has a tool called Facebook creator studio this is where you can do all your monetization stuff on, they Al’s provide with tools to make great videos that can be monetized. So you might just go give them a trial.

Cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash and all the others are a great way to earn online, and they can be bought, stored , trade or sell, great thing is that this cryptocurrency multiplies with time , so buying them when they’re cheaper and storing gives you a good advantage to get good returns later when their prices begins to rise

Seo: search engine optimization, can also be a great way to make money online if you understands it and can do it on someone’s website to rank higher or on the first page of google, bloggers will pay you to rank their blogs, and companies pay really well to persons with seo skills because it takes time to master it and it is a great way to organically drive traffic to any website without paying for ads or pay per click.

In conclusion, if your looking for how to make money online in Nigeria.

This few ways are the methods I uses my self to make money and they work, I have tried all of them and they do pay so just make your choice and get started today.

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