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Local seo

if you have ever needed your business to be seen online, by persons within your locality, understanding how local seo works is the smart thing to do. Let’s get started to know how local seo actually works.

 Local seo
Local seo

Local seo or local search engine optimization deals mainly with the focus on optimizing or arranging a website to be seen or found in local search results. It goes beyond most search terms commonly used this days, such as

  • Lawyers near me
  • Doctors near me
  • Supermarket in my city

actually local seo do more to focus and emphasize on optimizing for local businesses no matter the kind of business it, it doesn’t have to be a well off famous businesses only.

Agents of local seo

  1. Content
  2. Link building
  3. On-page optimization

all this play a vital role, when you intentionally do them targeting your locality to show up when your services are needed by genuine people.

However, when it comes to getting links, the focus changes. The focus changes to making sure that all google local search landscape are consistent and correct.

If this are not correct, or you made a mistake filing it up, you run a risk of having a situation where your business local results shows a different information than what you initially intended.

Why local seo or local search is important

below I will be giving you a unique stats that proves just how important local search is to local businesses.

  1. At least 50+% of people who had searched a local business on their mobile phones went to a physical shop within the space of 1 day.
  2. 34% who of all who had done same research on the laptops or tablets also did same by visiting the local shop.
  3. 18% of the overall locality mobile searches lead to a sale within the space of 1 day
  4. 60% of Nigerian adults conducts searches for a local business or services or even for a product information both on the laptops,phones and tablets
  5. 50% of this mobile phone searches looks for specific things such as a local business address or numbers
  6. 71% of people who were surveyed admitted to have been searched for location of businesses to know if they exist before they visit.
  7. 1 in 5 of mobile phones searches is done even before coming to the store.

who benefits from a local seo and why

Law firms and lawyers

Doing seo for this sort of clients, has its benefits, as google likely shows a call button directly in the local search results if done on a mobile phones , this is a great privilege, as one could just pull out their phone and dial these numbers, connecting directly to the lawyer or the law firm. Having you speaking directly with a client with no hassle. Not only that it also displays the location and making it accessible to clients.

Now when you do the optimization right the local seo will push the lawyer’s details straight to the top search results for that locality and it also gets a dominant call to action button directly to the lawyer or the firm house which reads “call us”

This is especially a great advantage because anyone in need or had an accident, needing the services of a lawyer would right away be on the phones to search for one, and google makes it easier for them by not just showing them a lawyer but also instantly connecting them both with the address and the phone contact numbers for whatever consultations

So doing the local seo right sets you up in front of the competition and singling you to the clients when your services are required

Medical practices and doctors

the medical practices and the doctors, are always needed or preferred when they are close by, nobody likes the long distance, because when you have an emergency, you want to rely on the medical centers near by. So the searches is usually doctors “near me” or doctors in my city.

Below are a screenshot of doctors near me search, and understand the need to do local seo right

Local seo
Local seo

if you look closely it directly provided the needed information about the doctors, his name, his address and his phone number, also giving an instant link direction, prompting the map application to show up on the user’s mobile phones.

People call up the doctors to fix an appointment as it makes them more comfortable this way and easy to the doctor’s addresses.

The plumber

This set of businesses also benefits tremendously from local seo.

As having an emergency plumbing issue could easy push the client to start searching for plumbers, the funny thing is with no idea of who they are or their shop but searching it online makes it easier to locate this services by searching (plumber near me) . instantly google provides this results and along with their phone numbers, the location address, some reviews and immediately gets you connected on call with the plumber to come fix your plumbing emergency.

The restaurants

Restaurants are are known to benefit hugely from local seo searches, mostly because of the kind of services they render, and customers reviews , local address information that is available on the search engine results pages (SERPs) . am this information helps real potential customers to visit this businesses and eventually patronize them in the least amount of time.

It also gives people the opportunity to see what restaurant business has the best services out there within the locality. so the potential customers already know just what to expect even before getting to the restaurants.

who might not benefit from local seo

As an seo agent it is my desire that every single business out there could be seen and get sales by optimizing their business websites to provide the needed information clients and google requires.

But unfortunately some businesses either out of ignorance or based on personal decision have decided to keep their existence private from online presence, even when they own websites, they do not include and optimize their location details for possible local search. Therefore people like this cannot benefit from local seo searches.

Important parts of seo

Speaking of local seo, one might think it is different from the organic seo but there isn’t much difference from them. Its all the same as usual seo methods like , creating a a content, keyword research, on-page technical seo, the difference is just the local intentions and focuses placed on these methods before conducting them. As this methods are crucial for the website and its niche to over performance the competition that it faces on SERPs.

While you optimizing for a local search this methods earlier mentioned contains local focuses, which centers around the searches people do in the locality and its surrounding areas.

Keyword research for local seo

the keyword research for local seo still remains the same through the years, with a very few parts being a little different.

It is a fact that people own a lot of smart devices, the smartphones, google home, Amazon Echo, and lots more. Making a way to get voice searches as the primary source of doing a local search.

For instance, you can simply say ” find a lawyer near ” stress free than typing it on the mobile phone or the laptops, this leading to a surge in the rise of local query searches that is based on conversational voice searches.

Why is content important for local seo

Its has a great importance to your locality seo efforts. Knowing your niche and industry well , long,good content filled with knowledge of the nice and topic at hand do very well for local search.

Same time long and good content is not enough to give the desired results. It all depends whether your content is enough to satisfy the user’s query the best than all the other competition. So having the highest word counts that query doesn’t cut it at all.

Now creating a local focused content with every fact that you have now will really go long way to help you get the quality google wants from you to serve the user who search a particular query.

Local SEO Links

Here the links are slightly different from the usual seo organic links.

It is advisable to go check Google’s webmaster guidelines before you start building links, to save you from google penalties.

Building links which is against google webmaster guidelines, will be instantly detected by google and it might results in deleting you whole website from the organic search results.

Local seo link categories

you should know this categories before you think of building links for your locality seo. They include

  1. Citation/NAP sites
  2. Local directory websites
  3. Industry related local sites
  4. Local chamber of commerce sites
  5. The local news paper sites
  6. Local partner sites

the citation/Nap sites

this is a kin of website were you submit your money website to , with the intention of increasing its local search presence. The citation are NAP-focused.

NAP means the name, address, and the phone number of your business which you want it to appear on your local business website. This citation/NAP helps to increase its presence on google and other search engines.

Local directory websites

You are advised to focus on these local directory website . building links on this local directory helps to increase the site link authority for local searches

Industry related local sites

This could be the firms who might be willing to take links from you while they are authority on their field. This could include the..

  • The news papers firm
  • The school website
  • The university
  • Government associations.

getting links from this places will mean so well for your local business and also increase the value of your local business website authority which is what google loves.

Local partners websites

This can be partner business owners. And since google doesn’t like excessive link building exchange, so enlisting your business partners locally would help to achieve link and in a white hat way without penalties.

Do not do excessive link building exchange to rank it attracts penalties.

Local seo
Local seo

Thank you for reading please do share I you find this information helpful in anyway.


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