Never pray these prayers in Nigeria openly

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Never pray these prayers in Nigeria openly

Never pray these prayers in Nigeria

Why you should not pray these prayers in Nigeria, and never pray these prayers in Nigeria openly please Never pray these prayers in Nigeria

Prayers you should not pray in Nigeria

While it is almost our culture of praying over basically everything, I think its best to steer clear of this kinds of prayer for now in Nigeria. 

The other day a news came about a teacher who got sacked for asking students to pray for Nigeria and also went ahead to asking students to observe 1 minute silence for the former army leader who just died in  questionable plane crash, ( they never tells us what happens anyway). So the teacher got sacked from her job hence I believe the anger in the land is o much more than anyone’s patriotism.

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The country has been silently killing off her citizens and directly and indirectly which a lot of people has been aware of and this has left more than 95% of the country feeling a no sense of belonging. The same reason a lot of people are calling for breakup of the country , so people go their separate ways.

Prayers you should pray in public in Nigeria

Never pray any patriotic prayer especially in the south and eastern Nigeria. You will be looked at as a fool or a sabo (sabotage) for short. The eastern Nigeria has total been living in a different country in the minds and soul  eventhough  physically their region is still a part of Nigeria, so patriotic prayer for Nigeria is like opening an old wound.

Don’t talk about Nigeria security agencies patriotically.

These sets of groups are really a bad egg, they only carry out orders of Fulani’s to kill and enslave the south which is being resisted though.

Don’t pray for the federal government.

They are after all the reason Nigeria is messed up so much, for lack of the competence and leadership values, they lack humility and very selfish. They support terrorists rather than chase them out, they would have the south east Nigeria give up their lands to terrorist fulani herdsmen than protecting civilians.

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Don’t pray for the state government publicly

 these governors in the eastern Nigeria precisely are acting more like a pon installed by the Fulani leaders and the federal government than serving and protecting their people in their different Igbo states.

Never pray these prayers in Nigeria openly

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