List of people who won’t make heaven in Nigeria and Africa

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List of people who won’t make heaven in Nigeria and Africa

People who won't make heaven

people who won’t make heaven according to bloggers

Lists of celebrities who won’t make heaven and why it is no true

People who won't make heaven

It’s no longer a far fetched story as according to some websites which gas been taking counts and records of those they assumed (will not make heaven) based on their own personal opinions and perceptions, they assumed that these people (mostly celebrities) to be engage in the not so popular lifestyle that  so many Nigerians either out of pretense or of their own will subject themselves into, then anyone else who dares break away from that kind of lifestyle is definitely going to to be making heaven .

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this I think is definitely not true as I understand making heaven can be very simple, it all starts by a simple confession of accepting Jesus Christ as lord and savior.

But in Nigeria the case of ignorance even for the well nurtured Christians themselves is at an alarming rates, as most believes you have to be in a particular way to actually be worthy of heaven

To them one who dares be different or thinks outside of the usual ways has missed it. Hence the reason the church for so many years became a mockery, which led to labeling a someone poor with names such as (as poor as a church rat). These names lingered around for many years which made and discouraged many from actively engaging in their ministerial callings. But the case is definitely different today.

As more churches has emerged as leading lights to the society today. Thank God for that too.

Back to our topic of discussion. The topic of making heaven or not is just a personal decision, so those who one might think won’t make heaven, actually in reality would be making heaven if they so choose.

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There’s an instance in the bible where a King Though not a Jew, ordered that the house of God be built and furnished and let whatever it would cost be billed to him,  this single act made God call this king a “SAINT” so not that I want to spread false information but there is actually ways of getting into heaven. So be a good person, love God, love your fellow man, do the right things and also be different from what everyone thinks is the right way just hold on to your source which is God because without him your nothing, serve him both financially, spiritually and physically and more emphasis on financial service because many people can and has been engaged in both the spiritual and physical service to God.

But they never get the breakthrough they seek, why..? Because they never considered the third way of serving God which is financially, many find it so had to give offerings, let alone pay tithe (let’s not even go into tithes). They don’t see the need to sow seeds in their churches to support the spread of God’s word, seed to the pastor in their local church, seed to further the activities and programs of their local church. seeds to renovate or furnish the church buildings and its environment, this and many others are the reason many who claim to serve God never gets their breakthroughs because their services is never complete until their money gets involved.

God won’t come down to build his church physically, he rather uses people such as you and I who are willing and who has the right knowledge about how to serve God the way and get benefits to do them.

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