Rumours of Fuel scarcity in owerri IMO state

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Rumours of Fuel scarcity in owerri IMO state

Fuel scarcity in owerri IMO state

rumours of fuel scarcity in owerri Imo State and strike action which is about to take place

rumours about fuel scarcity in owerri Imo State has been a constant trend and as a result people are already preparing and getting ready in order to amass a huge amount of fuel that they can possibly contain, and with this rumours you can see fuelling stations buying enough fuel and storing in a large capacity than ever before,

Fuel scarcity in owerri IMO state

because nobody knows whether or not this strike will take effect any moment, with the huge amount of fuel that is being stored by this fuel stations it will be very difficult for there to be is scarcity and if eventually the petroleum marketers goes on strike it will then it will be in the favour of the fuel stations to a get all the money that they can possibly get their hands on, speaking about scarcity, when there was a scarcity few weeks ago stations such as The Empire’s filling station and very few others had so much in that capacity that it was very difficult for them to run out of product and this stations knew how much they made during that period of time, asides Empire fuel station and few other stations not running out of fuel during the scarcity. very few other stations or most of all the stations anyway were increasing their prices by a huge margin of the initial price, these saw a huge stress on the masses, it was a total chaos during the few weeks that it came into play.
government roles in the fuel scarcity

so far the Imo State government has been very reluctant on addressing the issues of scarcity in the state.

it has led to so many court cases and lawsuits but so far they are yet to arrive at a good conclusion and so far the case keeps dragging on and on and there hasn’t been any solution to the issues.

Imo State governor was quoted to have asked the indigenes of the state to go to other neighbouring States if they needed fuel for their motorcycles and their vehicles.

this statement got the Independent petroleum marketers angry and annoyed
which led to the strike that took effect last 2 weeks or 3 weeks ago
but so far there has not been any tangible reasons or justifications as to why the state government would alter such inconsiderable words and such actions against his own people the people who elected him into office and who he is supposed to serve so far the government has paid deaf ears on all that concerns with the Troubles of the State. so it is very possible that by next week or so there will be a scarcity of fuel,
there will be a strike action in Imo State.
this will definitely see another increment in the prices of petrol and other petroleum products that we use in Nigeria. and the case keeps on getting worse and worse each day because the government of the state the government of the country has failed to carry out their duties and making sure that life is better for the indigene. some months ago it came as a shock to every indigene of Nigeria when the Federal Government announced that there was going to be an increase in the price of fuel from the usual price which was 165 naira to as high as 300 Naira per litre which will be impossible for anybody to afford, well maybe not everyone because those in the government or government offices will not find it difficult to afford to buy this product but it will be very difficult for the masses to afford this increment that the government is trying to push and so far the masses have been trying to resist these increment and it has been raging on and if I know this country will I know that they are going to make sure that they implement this increment of petrol.

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rumours of fuel scarcity in owerri Imo State and strike action which is about to take place

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