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Seo africa and how to sell seo in africa

If there is one thing a blogger needs most for his blogging activities it is to get visibility, and actually be found and get his content read across the globe. In order words, it to rank, as webmasters put it. If there is a anything the businessman or woman need for their business website then it most definitely ‘ first to appear on google first page , which translates to ranking then another is to convert this traffics of visitors into actual customers who are willing and ready to buy goods or services being sold.

Seo africa
Seo africa

How does seo help businesses

For someone who is not familiar with how seo works or websites in general, this is the kind of questions they would ask, and no, they are right, until you know the meaning of something, mistake and misrepresentation is inevitable.

Hence the need for this keyword seo Africa. Because until now very few persons has mastered and has been using or selling seo and has been making tons of money from it in Africa and Nigeria. Seo can be really good when you learn to do it well, because it has already established market out there, mostly persons who don’t even know how much they need seo.

How to make money selling seo.

There millions to be paid in seo Africa. I said this because there are dozens who have no idea of what to do when it comes to seo, you have tons of businesses out there in Africa and majority only makes use if Facebook as there promotion marketing strategy, you have bloggers, old and new ones who have very little idea how to rank even the tiniest keywords in their niche. I have met many like this and some even give because they think it is impossible to rank.

Seo Africa, keywords research

Seo has come to stay and always will stay, but it is always going to Favour only those who knows how to optimize their website to meet up. Now if you could teach a blogger to properly research their keywords well ,putting efforts to discovering the lesser competitive keywords in their niche and target this keywords by creating the most creative content that keyword could ever get, then it is possible that that blogger can begin to rank in few months, same thing for the business owner, instead of creating what you like, how about creating articles that people want to see, how about creating a business that solves peoples problems.

Seo Africa opportunities

So far the Internet and has been hugely overrun by americans, Indians and most other western world people, but same way it can be done here. Seo presents a great offer to so many youth out there not just rank their websites and better perfect their skills but also extend a hand to businesses.

You can walk to any business out there in Africa 6-8 of 10 businesses either have no website or nothing is happening on it, and no one knows them online, which means they have not been getting traffics, nor sales online. You should get the idea of how lucrative this seo is to Africa and those who decides to give it all it takes to learn it and do it better.

How to get your first seo client

Like I said earlier, 6-9 out of 10 new or even old businesses,do not have a website if they do there is likely nothing much happening there anyway. Now this is your opportunity to introduce yourself and your services, you can promise to build them a website and rank it for them even if the payment is not much or even for free but at least they would always come to ask for maintenance of the sites and ranking. They will link you up to other people, who can then charge what you want to get their business out there, also it helps you build your portfolio and increases your confidence on getting even more sites ranking.

Website design

While you offer seo services, you can also include web design to your list. Most people think website design is too techie, so while at it including web design is the best idea. You can first build these businesses a website either on WordPress, “I recommend WordPress by the way”, or on blogger, this will even add to your wages. So far I have designed a few websites with WordPress and my clients love them.

Seo Africa and on-page seo

By properly optimizing these websites, it sets it up for success, so you want to make sure that the on-page seo is well set up while your building the site and while your creating a content for this business website. It is impossible to rank if on-page seo is not in proper place.

Seo Africa and o-page seo

Now this is where you start to implement links to and from other websites, they can link to you and you link to them. Creating a high quality back links goes a long way to boosting traffic and sales of any niche, so it is important that while building back links you only build on niches related to yours and make sure the links are from authority websites.

Target local or national keywords

by targeting local keywords, related to your niche, you can leverage a lot of advantage, you easily rank this keywords because they usually have lesser competition and you would do well in this area, as it gives you your first google page ranking,

So using google keywords planner you can easily identify so many terms or keywords people from your areas are interested in, then you go right ahead to creating this content that can answer all their queries then google rewards you with first page.

Seo Africa and natural backlink.

So it is known that writing good contents results in proper white hat back links, this happens when your content stands out and answers the questions thrown at it, that other websites can’t help but link to you with any issues, this can only be achieved by writing great articles for each chosen keywords.

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