Seo companies in Nigeria

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Seo companies in Nigeria

Seo companies in Nigeria

hello and welcome to crackieseo, it is no longer news that seo specialists or seo companies in Nigeria is scarce if not rare.

Seo companies in Nigeria
Seo companies in Nigeria

And you know what that means, should you manage to find anyone. Or contact any seo companies in Nigeria, you are in for a big spending spree. The fees this individuals charge extremely high, and this is a great limitation to any new blogger out there.

Who is just starting out, with this exorbitant amounts it could dash the hopes of this new bloggers.

And that’s why crackieseo has stepped in to offer this services to any person who may need it without cutting their heads along.

At crackieseo we strife to providing only professional services to everyone. And we like to make you understand that succeeding in seo and getting traffic is very much possible.

Crackieseo is an seo company with lots of experience over the years and months on the various ways of gaining traffic organically, and we’re specialized in link building, on page seo, off page,digital marketing, web design. We have classes going on for persons who wants to learn so and succeed in it.

Domain rating.

Domain rating being a ranking metric developed by Ahrefs and is use to measure or show the exact strength of a website’s profile back links and it is metered on the scale of 1-100 , the higher the score of your websites DR means higher chances of ranking, I would also add that domain rating does not directly effect your ranking on google SERPs but it does give you hope and measures your profile back links strength which is a good thing, because with good keywords, well optimized contents, your websites has a great chance of ranking and producing the desired goal why you set it up in the first place.

Domain authority

Domain authority is a ranking factor metric built by Moz, its work is to predict how well a website would really rank or might rank if and when it is in line with Google’s algorithms on search engine, it is also measured on the scale of 1-100. Also I would add that this too is only there to predict based on the strength of linking websites, quality of links, size and length of your articles, how well your website can rank against your competitors, so if your website has been links than highest ranked website on google first page, google could, after considering whether your own content has more to offer than the already ranked page ,decide with time to push your website up till it becomes first on the page.

We are have had huge amount of success in increasing this domain authority and domain rating, of our clients and we can and always are ready to repeat the same technics for anyone who needs this services.

Seo in lagos. Seo companies in Nigeria

Crackieseo services is available to everyone resident in Lagos and the Nigeria at large . we have experiences in on-page seo, off page seo, link building and every other methods out there.

Seo in port Harcourt, seo companies in Nigeria

Crackieseo is currently based in port Harcourt,and offers incredibly affordable services to the residents, and we are located at abacha road g.r.a port Harcourt

What is seo

Seo means , search engine optimization. And it is a method or a means of telling search engine web crawlers exactly what your blog post is about. Without having to stress this bots to find out of understand what you have written and what purpose it serves.

It is not a enough to write a blog, hoping google’s bots will understand it like humans do. No. Every write up or a content uploaded on the Internet is first crawled by this bots and possibly understood by this web crawlers also called spider webs or robots. Their job I basically to scan your web content and every article you have on your page or blog . they do this to determine how useful this articles and contents are to the billion readers who queries google every day.

So google makes or gives preferential treatment and this is determinant on how relevant your keywords, contents and articles are to the readers also back links are pretty important to google if you want to get visibility. Were they satisfied reading and understanding your contents or they went off to search further..?. So your ability to get the reader fixed or satisfied with the content you wrote is all part of seo, as well having them to stay longer on your site by visiting other pages on your website.

This goes to saying know your keywords, know your topics, be great in the niche you have choose to engage in .

Yes seo in Nigeria is very possible and not a rocket science stuff. You don’t need to give up on your career blogging or whatever el so your website is about . you just need to meet the right person to teach you the basics. This will ultimately help you to understanding every methods out there.

Content optimization

I see this as a method of aligning your write up or a blog post the right way. so that the google robots or search engine crawlers gets to understand what you have written is all about.

Now there are two types of so ” search engine optimization

On page seo(Seo companies in Nigeria)

Off page seo(Seo companies in Nigeria)

now this two are as important as the other. You cannot do without the other. Should you choose to optimizing on page seo only , you end up only optimizing for the web crawlers and few persons who might find your site because on page seo would take longer before you rank. . But when the two are optimized you have a balanced table where both search engine and humans get to not only understand your posts. But also finds it easily on google, by building links and getting Google’s trust thereby resulting in an incredible traffic.

On page so is the general work done inside of your site , from the day you bought a domain and hosting it to building it either on WordPress or blogger. The head tags the seo plugins, arranging your blogs well both with images , videos, and all that. they all contribute to on page seo, also prepares and contributes to the success of massive traffic in the future

Seo companies in Nigeria
Seo companies in Nigeria

Not only do we optimize your website and set it up for success , are also into another kind of seo service looking at the info graph above we also deal in local seo services

Seo companies in Nigeria
Seo companies in Nigeria

We put your business address on the google, the direction, mobile phone number, and office address of your business on this makes it easier for potential customer and client to locate you and instantly patronize you or get your services.

Local seo services

Local seo or local search engine optimization is mainly optimizing your local business website to been found in local search results, this businesses can be anything like the barbing saloon, the plumber website, medical centers, a doctor, or any other business which wants to position his business in front of the millions of searches everyday and especially to those who are within his locality,

Setting up your business website by optimizing it properly is the best thing for any business which wants to get sales from the neighborhood. Here at the crackieseo we have made our researches and found that people prefer to check out this services first online, before visiting the physical store, therefore positioning your website with local seo tactics is the best method to be found any day a customer or client needs your services.

Why choose us

We provide results within a short time frame, we provide seo services of all kinds such as the basic seo guides for our students, we gradually proceed to teaching them, the safe methods of building backlinks,we work with your budget most importantly, making us the best seo company in Nigeria.

5 ways to get website traffic.

This is the tip I personally use to drive traffic to website, and it works just like magic.

Watch this short video to get more detailed explanation on how to do this

seo companies in Nigeria ( how to get website traffic)
  • Seo traffic, this is organic search traffic which comes to you through search engines, when people type queries related to your website content or the keywords
  • Branding traffic, this the traffic which comes to you from people who already knows your brand, LOGO, or at least very familiar with your work, services, or products. Brands such such as CNN, Ahrefs, Neilpatel. This brands and many others enjoys huge amount of traffic of everyday online searches amounting to millions.
  • Email subscription. This can be in form of news latter, where visitors are requested to sign up for a news letter, when they eventually signs up, they’d get updated anytime a new post is published on the website, this can easily gain you lots of free traffic.
  • Push notification. This is pop up messages which mobile phones,mobile site users when subscribed into it, app owners can send these messages anytime via the mobile apps.
Seo companies in Nigeria
Seo companies in Nigeria


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