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Seo company Ghana |seo Ghana

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Seo company Ghana-having the perfect website is nothing except it receives traffic, and what way to do that than by getting the right seo to rank your site on google first page.

Seo company Ghana
Seo company Ghana

Looking to rank a website or a blog..?, it can be difficult if you do not do seo, having the best sites designs if it never gets seen in google is like a waste of resources,time and effort put into your site.

Seo does more better for site than any social media traffic can get you , sao is permanent,it is free traffic, and it more valuable to google in terms of AdSense, you get paid better when your traffics are coming directly from google.

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What is seo, seo also known as search engine optimization, in its simplest term is a free organic traffic from google, it is a way of setting up your website to receive traffic from google, easily without a stress and this gets sustained even after years unlike paid traffic or social media ads which costs thousands to run, and once your out of money it stops, thats not the case for seo, it stays put and never fades away.

Now crackieseo is an seo agent and we specialize in on-page so, off-page seo, link building, digital marketing,WordPress design. We offer seo services all around the world, and we work based on your budget, you can always reach us for any enquires.

What is on page seo(seo company Ghana)

On page seo, are the basic needs of any website to prepare it for Ranking, it is like building a house and making preparation to roof it, put in beds,curtains and chairs, this is also same thing with websites,

when you have gotten a website or a blog, and it is set up, then your first post and the others needs Optimizing, they need to be prepared and made easy for google robots to understand what your topic is all about and how it answers the question that people needs. Now if you can set you posts right so that they all aligns with google directives, then you are in for good luck, you will probably rank higher than anyone who didn’t to on page seo.

What is keyword research

This is a very important aspect of website success, if a blog is to succeed and rank then it need to invest time and anything else into keywords.

Keywords are a way of showing you just how much people are looking for a particular keyword you are going to write on. When you are aware of all this then you can understand how many visitors you can get each day if you ever get on first page of google.

Next thing keywords for you is that it tells you how much difficult it will be for you to rank a keyword, this means as a new blog your website authority is probably low, so you cannot compete with those who has websites with high authority, google will always favor them a love you, even though your website content is better than theirs.

off page seo ( seo company Ghana)

This is the entire work you do outside of you’re website, yes in order to increase your sites chances of ranking you need to work outside of it, this can be done on Facebook, Facebook groups, pages, and profile,twitter and other social medias helps you alot on this too,

but you also need to focus on building back links , this has been shown as a ranking factor, the higher your website authority is the higher you out rank any competition, at crackieseo, this is just what we teach you or do it for you depending on your budget and preference. Contact us today for seo problems you need to solve , leave us and email here ( we will reply as soon as possible.

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