Seo course training

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In this seo course training,getting your website well optimized inline with the below indicated courses and practices will most likely improve your organic traffic and make way for converting this visitors to potential customers and clients.

Seo course training
Seo course training

About seo course training

So far the easiest and most used methods of getting a business website or blog seen online still remains seo ( search engine ), the most effective digital marketing profession having well over the 90% of web users to depend on search engines while making inquiries for their needs.

Crackieseo will be impacting this knowledge from the direct industry experts and teaching a well organized course syllabus, this is to impact you with the right skills in the areas of search engine optimization,this empowers you to know what to do and traffic to both your business, blog, making your online presence known by all the online community.

Who can enroll in this seo course training

This SEO training ideally for website owners, bloggers, small business owners, website designers / web developers, the webmasters, digital marketers, and possibly anyone who needs this knowledge.

We are very practical with the training and you get a month mentoring after your training till you can stand on your own.

The training is done meanly online WhatsApp and zoom.

Duration is 1 week

Location is Online

Course payment is #10,000

What you will be learning.

  • Seo audit: you will learn to scan and analyze any site to discover some problems it has and also find possible solutions to fix it.
  • Keyword research: learn what keywords people are looking for in search engines and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • Competitor analysis: one thing about this industry is competition, and if you must do well then you must learn to spy on them and know why they are doing better than you.
  • On-site optimization: in this training you will learn to optimize each post you have or ever will make to suit searcher’s needs and rank well on such keywords.