seo in Nigeria 11 things you need to rank a website

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seo in Nigeria 11 things you need to rank a website

What is Seo

Hi there, today we will be talking about seo in Nigeria. The challenges, trials and all other issues faced by Nigerians bloggers. Or atleast new bloggers, with low budget back up. So if your just starting out a blog or a website, either for a hobby or you’re looking to make a career out of it. Truth is you need seo to properly optimize your blog site. So you could get your hands on as much traffic as you can. Seo in Nigeria

Whether your looking to make a career or just a hobby blogging, you need traffic first of all.

“keep reading to know more about how to improve your seo.”

My very first website didn’t generate much traffic at first and this greatly affected me at that stage. So traffic not only is good for your site , it also boosts you and gives you hope of accomplishments.

Now you need to know that most of the tools needed to effectively run seo could cost so much. Reason being exchange rates, and the fact that this softwares aren’t made in Nigeria. Hence the exchange rates.

Good news is some of this softwares also has a free packages and your actions are greatly limited. You cannot fully maximize the features except you opt in on their premium version.

This softwares I speak of are softwares like, moz, ahref,keyword checker tools and lots more products which makes seo in Nigeria easier.

So you need to have it at the back of your mind that, yes, in other to fully effect seo on your site you might need to spend a couple of naira. If not more.

Seo in Nigeria

tools for seo in Nigeria.

Crackieseo is an seo company with great experience on how to effectively run an seo on a site in ways you need not spend more, we’re good with building back links which helps your ranking and increases your site DA

Purpose of seo tool in Nigeria

Now with softwares like ahref keywords checker tool, the google keyword planner and many others. this great softwares and so many of its kind offers you the opportunity to get a view of what the traffic is with any keyword of your choice.

It displays the volume of total searches for your chosen keywords.

Lists of keyword tools you can use to check for the right keywords.

Is a software developed by google to aid you in choosing the best of keywords that would help you rank faster. It is a free software, this mean you don’t have to pay a dime to use this awesome tool. I highly recommend this tool if you are just starting up a blog or site, although everyone uses it even gurus.

Benefits you stand to gain from using this tool, is that it shows you just exactly the number of searches that particular keywords receives every month and all this information comes directly from google so be rest assured your are getting the authentic information.

This is incredible as you get to find out how many persons are interested in your keywords even before you write them.

  • Ahref keywords. This a paid tool but very useful and very precise in giving the information you seek.
  • Neil patel’s ubersuggest free keywords. Has a great tool for so many so related purposes, unfortunately it is a paid tool but some of this tools offers you a free test before you can opt in to buy their tools. So you wanna go check them out and decide what you want to do.

“DA” domain authority tools for seo in nigeria

Domain authority tools are softwares which helps you to check just how much trustworthy your site has become over the months or years. Depending on how long you have had that domain and the amount of back links linking to you. This determines whether your an authority in your niche or just some follower, who no one wants to follow. It is very crucial that your DA goes up if you must rank some of your keywords on google or just to get some good traffic. There are many tools check the rate of your DA , this can be done either from , ahref, and so many other places, you just need to use google search to find the right software for you and check what percentage your site DA is currently at. This will help you to have an idea of how much traffic you can receive from google and also help you to improve by building more back links which in turns increases your DA.

This is rated from 1-100 the higher your ratings the better your site get to perform on the search results, the better appearances your site or blog makes the better traffic you drive. The higher the traffic the more you get paid over your hard work. Supposing your site is monetized.

“PA” page authority for so in Nigeria

Page authority refers to the percentage of authority you have on each page of your site, the higher the page authority the higher traffic that particular page receives on daily basis, and the higher the chances for that page to rank soon on google search results which is all good for your site

On page seo in Nigeria

This is the entire work done inside of your site, to prepare it for web crawlers readability. You basically optimize the site to be so friendly both to google robots and humans alike.

The day you got your domain, to hosting it on WordPress or any other.

the plugins, and all tools and settings prepares your website for success

here you want to properly optimize your blogs so it earns you additional traffic. This happens when you properly make use of the headtags, to indicate to google how important most of the keywords you have .

Telling them how important this additional keywords are helps you also to not just rank for one keyword only but ranking for numerous ones.

Making use of pictures helps your site seo great as well. In fact without images your on page seo is not complete yet. Avoid passive words while writing. Sentence should not be more than 20 words.

Off page seo in Nigeria

off page seo is pretty important and goes hand in hand with on page seo.

This could also be called link building. And it is a means of connecting and sharing with other website owners , and getting links from them. It can be a tedious work getting back links from others, you have to work for it. There are some methods google prescribed,methods like, outreaching to other sites to ask for back links, guest post, some paid guest posts, directory submission, comment back links, profile back links, contextual back links, web2.0 back links. And many more.

This helps you greatly, because without link building your site many never grow as it should. Additionally you get traffic and this links coming to you are counted as a vote of confidence. When this links are gotten or someone links to you directly without you linking back to them, google sees you as an authority in your niche and this makes you preferred above the others and these gets you ranking faster

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Rank a website ( seo in Nigeria methods)

so it is established fact that to rank a website you need back links,you need to increase your DA. “Domain authority” , PA page authority, Dr domain rating. And so many others, but in this session I will be talking about me other strategies you can use to properly improve your rankings. We all desire and deserve to have our sites making it to the top pages of google search results.

Lists of things to do to increase your ranking

How to out rank your competitors

  1. Spy on them
  2. Study their site,and learn every details of the website
  3. Write better article than wat they already have.
  4. Continually update your article by adding more useful information
  1. by spying on your competitors you get an idea of wat they are doing right which has made google prefer them and their work, keywords,site, above yours and probably countless millions of others too, who has written an article with the exact same keywords. Now your job Is to look at the site, how it is structured, the designs, how many words they have per article. You can also dive deeper by checking their numbers of back links referring to them, also the I site speed maters a lot too.

Let me explain why site speed should be one of your targets. Let’s assume you have built a great site, got good articles and pages and back links all equivalent to your competitor’s but the only difference between your site and the other is that your site loads a little faster than the competitor then google would probably rank you higher than your competitor’s.

2. So by studying their sites you get to understand how it was designed and structured, with this information your able to better manage your own site so that it becomes more seo friendly.

3. Write better article. By writing relevant and longer articles than the competitor you are automatically telling google you have a much better content than your competitor . so always aim to write more than 2000+ words on any chosen keywords this helps your rankings a lot.

4. Update your articles regularly. Let’s say you has published 800+ words on your article, to get better consideration from google it is advised that you go back to that article and try up dating it with more information relevant to the keyword your targeting.

By doing all this your setting your website up for a success, and this is how you gain traffic doing seo in Nigeria.

if you like to post or have any questions , just leave me a comment below .

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