Seo services Aba Nigeria/ search engine optimization

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Seo services Aba Nigeria/ search engine optimization

Seo services aba

Get start with your seo journey crackie-seo provides seo services Aba and Nigeria

Seo services is the number one knowledge you need if you most succeed in your online business and without it becomes even more difficult to make any leads on your business. /Seo services Aba

Read below to know crackieseo can be of help to your seo needs and having you getting your desired results/seo services Aba

Seo services aba
Seo services

it is very important that you understand what seo is all about and know the basics of it, at least so that you can know what to expect from an seo agent like me or any other.

What is seo..? It is called search engine optimization and it is a method of telling search engines in simple terms exactly what your website pages or blogs contains,

Take the scenario for instance, website without seo is like a student who sat down in an exam hall and wrote beautifully with great answers, walks straight to the supervisor and submits his papers and went out of the class unknown to him, he had forgotten to write his names and the title of the subjects he just wrote on, yes you can guess what becomes of him when the supervisors goes home and shares the papers to people who will mark the scripts.

But unlike exam halls there’s a real chance to fix all your seo errors and have your website back on track.

It is not enough to write beautiful articles and post if you don’t optimize them you have absolutely nothing. This is where crackieseo can come in to help out as we run an seo course training and we also do fix them for you depending on what you need and all are at a very affordable price.

On-page seo
on page seo optimization

This can be said to be the overall work done on a website, both while choosing your website name you should first think seo, while hosting and building the website on any platform and choosing themes and plugins, customizing this tools to properly support seo is crucial and a must. Them if you’re website is hosted on WordPress, you definitely need an seo plugin and choosing the right one that you find easy is key as they allow you properly optimize your website for maximum ranking..

While your website is set up you may want to take care of your your content.


This is a method of aligning your write up in the right way so that search engine can understand and easily crawl them and be confident that it is of high quality

Taking care of your title, description, H1-H6 tags are very important. Without them your seo journey is never complete when it comes to on-page seo which is I’m fact the basic of seo.

URLs are also a great way to composing a good she article.

Off-page seo
This part of seo called the off-page seo is good if you can do it or hire someone

Off page and on page seo goes hand in hand and compliments each other .

It is a means of promotion and making connections from other websites on the net, by getting links from this other websites, which serves as a bote of confidence for your website and in return increase its visibility. There many more branches to this you can easily loom them up on my website or contact me directly for enquires and booking services.

Go to our contact page and send an email or a phone call, we will be happy to receive your call. or 09080073578.


keywords are very important if you must do well in blogging and dominate your niche. We teach you exactly about keywords research and its importance as it is 50% seo on its own.

Technical seo.

This has to do with fixing site speed, google search console integration and errors fixing,tittle tags and H1-H6 tags all this more make up seo and this we offer solutions to fixing and servicing them.

Service prices

on-page seo
Content optimization, title, description, H1-H6 #20000
Off-page seo Wikipedia links, profile links, comment, forum submission #30000
technical seo
Site speed fixing
Title tags
Google search console fixing #15000
keyword research
Discovering new keywords
Existing keywords ideas #5000
Seo services Aba

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