How to staying happy in 2021.

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How to staying happy in 2021.

Staying happy

You deserve to be happy, staying happy is your right, never let your smile wear off because you deserve the best in life and you should pursue what makes you happy.

Staying happy is one dream  that comes easily for some persons but unfortunately  for some it seem like an impossible thing to achieve. Happiness  is such a beautiful thing that should never be taken away from anyone, nor should it be in anyway  scares at all. The world has enough of its problems to be coupled with unhappiness.

Staying happy or happiness means very different things to different people, what makes one person isn’t exactly wat would excite the next person. Everyone has a target at what they feel by achieving it, will make them happy and fulfilled, on achieving that goal set out, they get excited, for a while but then much higher goal comes up and the happiness is short lived.

Some people can’t even find reasons to be happy even after achieving a great feat, most people are so used to achieving goals set out that they have forgotten what it feels like to rejoice over a victory. They longer celebrates the achievements because once they have done and signed, their eyes are off to the next target.

Staying happy
Staying happy

It is very important to take your time and appreciate your accomplishments once in a while, by doing this you are giving yourself the self-healing it desperately needs, to be ready for the next venture.

To staying happy in 2021 you must learn to do the following.

  • Appreciate your accomplishments.  The secret to staying happy is by taking time off your busy life, work schedules and meeting to actually how much you have achieved over last year and the years before or just withing the past weeks, let your mind take comfort in the thought that it has been useful to you after all.. And while doing this, you can choose to take a vacation or whatever that helps you relax.
  • Appreciate those around you. Appreciation is one powerful tool that we probably may never know enough wat it is capable do for us and those around us. But appreciating those around you goes along way to set our mind straight,and also helps us to have better relationship with these people around us, they could ” your partner, kids, teammates, colleagues, by appreciating your teammates for whatever little efforts they added to get the work done will ultimately motivate them to do even better the next time.
  • Learn to say thank you. I wasn’t the thank you type for many years, until I met this family who tells me thank you over every little errand, I discovered it made me to be at ease with this family and I looked forward to coming across them at every chance, thank you” as simple as it sounds has so much power to  heal, create, and energize you to perform even better at what you do. Funny thing is, whether your the one saying the thank you or  receiving, it soothes the minds of both of you and pumps you to do more.
  • Leave the past in the past. Leaving the past in the past is easier said than done, I know, but it is your key to a happy life, you don’t get anywhere holding grudge at someone else. There’s a saying in my language “Igbo”  (he that holds down another in the muds holds himself too)  this goes to say, if you hold someone down with whatever authority you exact over him, you too can’t get up from that level, because you have to be around to make sure that that person is still in the muds, so you will never rise above no matter what you do, until you let go of the person no matter what he has done to you, only then can you begin to heal and grow..
  • Clear your mind of toxic thoughts
  • Get out of every toxic relationships, relationship problems constitutes immensely to unhappiness in a lot of people.
  • Get rid of alcohol
  • Get rid of whatever your ashamed to be seen with, except if it is something that’s worthwhile.
  • Go after your dreams, keep chasing it with everything in you, Don’t ever give it up, there are times you may just want to quit but don’t, you can do it.

Everyone has a right to be Happy and enjoy life, so say happy and don’t let anything rob you off that smiles ..

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