Those who will not make heaven in Nigeria

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Those who will not make heaven in Nigeria

Those who will not make heaven in Nigeria

The lists of those who won’t make heaven in Nigeria is probably endless as there are many reasons to believe this, but in today’s post will try and give clearer reason as to why I feel this persons or group of persons will not make heaven, 

Those who will not make heaven

Also I would like to point that this is my personal opinions and thoughts, I’m neither God or in any position to say who will and who will not be making heaven, once again I’m just a blogger, and thats all.

Lists of groups who won’t make heaven in Nigeria

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It is quite obvious that these people from every angle you look at it won’t be making heaven any time soon based on the kind of lives they have lived and below is where I list most of them with my personal opinions as to why I think believe so.

Why you should not pray these prayers in Nigeria

  1. Islamic state of of west Africa province. 

I believe that is the right Name for them. These group of persons are a known terrorists which has made its base in the northern region of Nigeria and has for many years now been so engaged in the killing, bombing,slaughtering and terrorizing residents and the country at large they have become a terror to their fellow human beings as they derive pleasure in the killing and murdering for course and a hobby. Hence my reason that this persons will never make heaven no matter what their religion teaches them.

  • boko haram. These group of persons which were the foremost terrorist group in Nigeria has in like manner as “iswap” been engaged in terrorizing and murdering of thousands of souls for many years now and there seems to be no hopes in sight of them stopping anytime soon, they have built a business around this hobby of theirs and has been feeding fat from the ransom money both government and individuals pay them.
  • Fulani herdsmen: the third deadliest terror armed group in the world as of today, Nigeria for reasons best known to its leaders are a thriving home to multiple terror groups as they encounter no resistance neither from the federal government nor the state government. Nigeria is like a free zone to terror groups as they are seen publicly by residents and the recent times these armed groups has displaced millions, widowed thousands and has made millions more orphans. This group goes about in pretense of cattle rearers or herders, they heads down south of Nigeria and goes straight into farms and lands of indigenous people, destroys the farm by purposefully allowing their cattles graze on these farms, eating up whatever crop planted in the farm, any unlucky farmer who finds himself at this farms are instantly killed and sliced to piece, these group has resorted to not only destroy farms and its farmers but also into kidnappings and ransom collection. These group is also into raiding of indigenous homes, churches, businesses and they are all out to kill still and to destroy whatever that is good.
  • The so called bandits: these group of terror groups are responsible of the highways and motors ways, specialized in kidnappings travelers and taking ransoms.
  • The Nigeria police office:  these group which is supposed to protect and safeguard people,lives and property  have for many years now been working against the people, they terrorize the very citizens they were meant to protect, they shoot, molest,rape and terrorize the citizens at will and when eventually news gets out which happens always they either denies it or blames the victims as being criminals.
  • The Nigeria army: news has it that the terrorists both from boko haram and other terror groups gets drafted into the army, and more evidence abounds to why this is true, being that the Nigeria army releases terrorists they have earlier captured in the of “repentant boko haram”. This means that the government and the army releases terrorist at will insisting that they are repented and has given up their old ways of killing civilians. These of course is a lie because these terrorists operates based on ideologies rather than whatever other reasons and it is a fact that ideologies don’t just fade away overnight. So fie many years now the army has systematically been infiltrating itself with this monsters and killers, which leads us to believe that the government is in full support if the terrorist activities in the country.
  • All security agencies in Nigeria: they have woefully failed the nation and the public, they kill, terrorize the very citizens they were meant to protect..

These are my reasons of believing these groups won’t be making heaven any time.

Those who will not make heaven in Nigeria

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