UST cut off mark-2020/2021 UST cut off mark and departmental cut off mark.

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UST cut off mark-2020/2021 UST cut off mark and departmental cut off mark.

UST cut off mark

it has become imperative to that you get to know the cut of mark of schools your planning to add as your first choice or even your second.

UST cut off mark

Hence the reason you need to pay attention to every detail of this post.

Ust cut off mark or cut of marks are a means universities especially in Nigeria measure and weigh their aspiring student if they are worthy to be enlisted with the school.

Rsu. As it is called now has one of the strictest measures when it comes to admission . students a spring to enlist with them are expected to at least be well off academically.

Ust aside very few other schools has one of the highest score grades or cut off marks before you can even consider buying their form.

And I guess its their way of ensuring that their school maintains it’s high standards in Nigeria,Africa and the world at large.

Yes the school is one of the best out their and is highly recognized globally. Graduating from this school is like a dream come true for some people.

For a while now UST has been known to keep its cut off marks higher than most schools. As high as 180 jamb score and above.

But even with this score they would still first consider those with higher scores in jamb before they gets to you. So your beat option is to study pretty good to get higher score in jamb, this helps you be on the safer side.

So an advice to you is get great scores on your jamb exam, then your halfway there.

Yes your halfway there ,but not exactly because the school sets another exam called post utme. This is where the school sets their own exam 100% monitored by them and of recent it has been a computer based exam.

What this means is all questions are displayed on the laptop monitor or a computer and you get to choose the answers and you get just 30 minutes to answer the questions and submit before the time runs out. The beautiful thing about this computer based exam is that your results are displayed automatically before you walk out of the exam hall.

Ust cut off mark 2020/2021

now we will be looking at the UST cut off mark for 2020/2021.

This will help you decide and know your chances of admission.

Basically every course or department in the school is set as 180 as their cut off mark . and we all know that they will always choose those who scored above that in their jamb exams

Ust cut off mark requirements


Conditions before being considered for admission in ust

The school has tries to keep and maintain their high standards each year. Tho means, before you would be considered for admission the institution has to be your first choice.

It is one of the best schools in the country and admission tends to get really competitive each yes this has made it possible for them to always regard those who chose them as first choice . before considering any second choice candidate.

you must posses your complete 5 0 level credit scores from senior secondary school exam , like waec or neco. These are the must important requirements .

Also you must properly upload this SSCE scores on to jamb cabs or jamb website and also upload it alongside while filling the post utme form.

After this print your post utme print out to know when your exams are and be early at least 30 minutes before exams starts to avert issues with the authorities .

while in the exam hall ensure to follow any guidelines given. Ensure to answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.


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