Weight loss diets, all you need to know about weight reduction diets and safety in eating.

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Weight loss diets, all you need to know about weight reduction diets and safety in eating.

Weight loss diets

Weight loss diets

food literally plays a great role and an important one at that, it is basically one thing we cannot do without. Unfortunately it also one of the causes of obesity, whether obesity comes by overeating or or as a result of one’s predisposition. The important thing is that one really needs to restrict the whole amount of food intakes on a daily basis . this means getting rid of food known to be extremely high in fats and calories.

Weight loss diets: we will be looking at the benefits of weight loss diets

Unfortunately in this part of the world we absolutely love such food because they taste so good and its irresistibly yummy. The real truth is this sort of food do more harm to our bodies than we know.

So by eliminating food with high fats and high calories, we are cutting down on unnecessary fat build up on the body also this in effect reeducate dietary habits. So that weight loss diets can be absolutely effective and more importantly, so your body can tolerate all the changes your about making.

This project is expected to achieve four main objective

Reduce the total number of calories to getting started with weight loss diets

Reduce the number of calories that you take in on daily basis, that is reducing the total amount of food. Bearing in mind that the body needs only a minimum amount of energy to carry on it’s tasks daily, and perform its basic functions. Even when no exercises is involved.

The body needs just about 70 calories per hour to perform and cover the basic needs to maintain life. This is known as the basic metabolism. Looking further, while asleep the body makes use of 65 calories per hour. And should you remain in bed the whole day 24 hours , doing absolutely nothing, we would still need 65×24= 1,560 calories per day just so we can maintain life.

The office worker who moves around only when it is necessary does not require more than 2,000 calories a day. And should he have more than this number per day, ingested into his body it automatically becomes fats and gets stored away.

Let me explain further. Should a person need just 2000 calories per day and he goes on to eat or ingest more up to 2,900 into his body. He has accumulated an excess of 900 calories. This being equivalent to 100 grams of fat. But should he doe some reason consumes less than the basic metabolism , his body has no other choice than to use up the reserves, which are the fats so red away earlier.

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Calories needed in the body each

The total amount of calories needed by a person each day , is around 1,560. And this varies depending on many other factors . which could be the body weight. ( meaning the heavier a person the more calories he will require) .

The sex. Women needs 10% less energy than men. It also depends on the type of exercise performed. Check with your nutritionist for accurate quantity you need in a day.

2. Maintaining the right amount of nutrients from the different calories.

the body does not feed on carbohydrates only or fats and protein. This could be possible as each of this nutrients can provide the needed calories. But if this is done and followed literally it results in unbalanced metabolism. There for eating a variety of foods is needed and furthermore the calories from each of this nutrients must hold a certain proportion. Carbohydrates from around 55% to 75%.

Fats from 15% to 30% and protein from 10% to 15%. This implies weight loss diets which consists of the the total elimination of carbohydrates and unlimited intake of fats and protein.

3 reduce to recommended minimum of 15%.

15% is the quantity of calories from fats, eliminating those from animal origin. Animal fats are saturated fats and solid at room temperature. This also tends to be ingested and deposited in the consumer’s body. The very place they had been in the body of the animal.

But plant fats or oil is liquid in room temperature. And our organism metabolizes them with greater facility than that of animal.. Vegetable oils are easily digested than animal oils and fats.

Plant food based on soybean have many advantages over meat not only in the weight loss diets but general for all people. Soy contains complete proteins with all of the essential amino acids and has no cholesterol. It has less fat. And its calories are inferior to those of meat.

4. Increase your breakfast

Increase your breakfast but cut down on supper. calories taken in the morning will be easily consumed throughout the day. And this doesn’t happen with those eaten at night rime.

How to lose weight but safely

Having diets based on vegetables is an efficient way to loss sing weight safely.

1 plant foods are generally less concentrated

2. A varied vegetarian diet provides all necessary nutrients in an adequate proportion.


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