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SEO in all sense stands for search engine optimization, and that is is the practice and method of increasing and both the number of traffic (quantity) and also increasing of the quality of the traffics to your site, through mostly organic means in otherwords organic search engine results. This is according to Moz definition of what seo is , they are pretty much seo gurus and I would pick their definition any day.


Now to actually give you a true meaning and understanding of seo, I will have to explain and break it further down

  1. Quality of traffics. You might as well get huge traffic from the whole globe and all countries . but if that were told you you sales laptops by google, leading them straight to your website and they only discovers you only repairs laptops. That ceases to be a quality traffic that very moment. Rather you would like to attract visitors that are genuinely interested in the products and services you offer.
  2. Quantity of the traffic. The more and bigger they say the better, when you have right persons who click through from google search engine results pages (SERPs) you are in luck.
  3. Irganic results. It is a fact that ads make up the first pages of google search engine results pages . but organic traffic is defined as any traffic which you did not have to pay to get it.
What is seo
What is seo

How SEO works (what is seo)

I know if asked how seo or search engines work you would have varying answers, you could say its a site you visit to type in query or speak in query and it processes it and brings back results of long lists of link webpages that answers your question, just like google,bing, yahoo and all the rest. well your not wrong. But have you wondered what’s behind those webpages you are seeing..?

This I how it all works: google being the biggest and other search engines have crawlers which goes to search and gather together lists of information about all the related content that is out there on the Internet. They get this webpages back to the search engine which then builds a list of index. The index is fed by algorithm which matches the information to all your query. Also there are many other factors but this is the least I can take.

here is a info graphic of the ranking factors

What is seo
What is seo

if you recall we have been talking about the “SE” SEARCH ENGINE since the earlier write up. Now let’s look at and discuss the “O” part of seo which is optimization, now this means all the work the people and site owners , content writers who had written and put up this contents on the Internet, make some alignment so that the search engine crawlers are able to understand what is written and also the humans who visits are also able to understand what your site or blog post is all about when they arrives our page through the search engine.

Optimization is not a one way thing, it has many ways of doing it, but you should know that seo is everything thing from,the meta tags, the title tags, meta descriptions, the length of the content, the right internal linking the you favorite page , you just make sure that all these are informative to both search engines and visitors.

Learning SEO (what is seo)

Now seo is a course very wide as an ocean which is almost impossible to know it all but it is important to start somewhere at least there are so many beginners guide out there also I would recommend going to Moz to read their beginner’s guide it helped me alot

Build an so friendly website

Having an seo friendly website which you properly optimized and set up for seo success will highly benefit you in a lot of ways and will generate tons of traffic in the future


A site is not a site until it gets well written and optimized contents. But always apply seo guides on every content you create.


robot.txt file is a text file which webmasters made to instruct the web robots on how to crawl webpages on the site. You need to have this, thankfully WordPress makes this available through their seo plugins like rankmath and yoasts.

Link related topics

you can start by using the “anchor text” it means ” the visible, click able text in hyperlink. Which are the underlined blue links you see in webpages that redirects you to a different page. You need this to link to your most related important pages whether internal or external.

Link building

this is the work done outside of the websites,it is basically a means of connecting and sharing links with and from other websites. Normally if you have a great article written, you sure will be getting links from people , but still you need links to get good ranking in google SERPs

What is backlink

simply put a backlink is a link from me website to another . and search engines love this as its of the ranking factors which google and other search engines use to rank websites. Is one of the ranking signals because when a site links to another it shares connection or juice with the other,

Dofollow backlinks

this is set up by websmasters to command crawlers to either follow a linking website found on their webpage or not. This passes a sort of vote of confidence to crawlers a both the said website and can give a good link juice to the website in question

Nofollow back links

This is also a command set up by webmasters to instruct crawlers that they do not give a vote of confidence to this site, so this means that link juice would not be passed down to the other websites.

What is keyword research

Keyword research: this provides you with some specific web search data’s which can help you to get ideas of what people are searching for online ? How many people are searching for what? where they are from,how much times people searches for a particular thing online in a month or year.

Eveolution of SEO(what is seo)

Often times the search engine algorithms changes regularly and the methods evolve in response to all this changes.

So keep learning, ask questions if your are just starting out on seo, you would learn a lot this way. Leave a comment below and do click another page to see what’s there waiting to be learned on your so journey.

what is seo

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